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About Hurricane Jumpers

We are the Hurricane Jumpers, a South Florida fun fitness, performance and competitive rope skipping and double dutch team! Based in Miami and connected all over the world, we host, teach, train and compete in workshops, camps and tournaments. In addition, we perform and demonstrate in health, fitness, charity events, schools and various venues sharing the fun, health benefits and unlimited opportunities in the sport of jump rope.

We participate in, host, and compete in workshops, camps and tournaments in the following Local, State, Regional, National and International Levels/Leagues:

AAU = Amateur Athletic Union www.AAUSports.org

USA JR = USA Jump Rope www.USAJumpRope.org

NDDL = National Double Dutch League www.NDDL.org

PARSO = Pan-Am Rope Skipping Federation www.parsoropeskipping.com

FISAC–IRSF = Federation Internationale de Saute a la Corde—International Rope Skipping Federation www.FISAC-IRSF.org

Team Creed

I have the privilege and the right to train hard to earn success and glory…..

I am responsible for sharing my skills and talents with respect and integrity all over the world for all to learn, benefit and enjoy…..

I am thankful for the time and dedication of teammates before me, with me, here and around world…..

I am a Hurricane Jumper


To inspire all people of all ages to learn, achieve, benefit and enjoy participating in the fun fitness sport of jumping rope. Support growth and development of jump rope through participation in local, regional, national and international network of jump rope events.


Provide opportunity and structure for athletes to maximize their jump rope skills and sportsmanship as individuals and as a team through hard work, consistent practice and positive attitude. Promote physical fitness through jump rope as a lifetime sport. Foster confidence, discipline, leadership, and responsibility. Compete in the Amateur Athletic Union, United States Amateur Jump Rope, Pan Am Games and World Championship tournaments.


Hurricane Jumpers inaugural year is 2005-2006. Our jump rope program started, years prior, as an after school activity in one school; then we grew into Miami Shores and Surfside Community Centers. Our athletes are from many different schools, universities and work entities. We have fun fitness, precision performance and competition groups. The team consists of jumpers of all ages both male and female. Hurricane Jumpers travel all over, including but not limited to Florida, Puerto Rico, Caribbean Islands, Brazil and Israel promoting the sport of jump rope through community events, fitness festivals, workshops and tournaments. We host, compete and train in local, regional, national and international leagues. Our events bring together athletes and teams from around the world, USA and Florida to share skills and compete.

Performances & Community Involvement

We perform and teach in many community events, fitness festivals, charity functions, workshops, tournaments and trainings. Participating with the American Heart Associations, Palm Beach County, School Carnivals, Overtown Youth Center, Unity Day, Business & Tourism Street Festivals, Miami Heat Basketball Pregame Show, Miami Dade County Public Schools Annual Jump Rope Sleepover, Various High School Basketball, Tennis and Volleyball teams and clubs conditioning sessions, Miami Dade Parks & Recreation trainings, McDonald’s All Star Basketball Championship Games and Jam Fest, P.A.L., Easter Seals Fitness Fair, NBC6 Telemundo Health Expo, West Palm Beach Kids Fitness Fest, Cystic Fibrosis Reach for the Stars, Radio Disney Events, Children’s Trust Events, SHARP, Summer Schools and Summer Camps and birthday parties, and many more.

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Hurricane Jumpers proudly supports:
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